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A product promotional marketing company offers various business solutions to help your brand reach maximum exposure in the most effective way.

The company primarily engages in designing, manufacturing & distributing advertising specialties and promotional merchandise. 

In-house infrastructure and experienced team provides every solution to bring your ideas to reality.

Our expertise lies in creating the right product for the targeted occasion / purpose and within the available  time and budget.

The company offers promotional products that are used in dealer / distribution programs, co-op programs, company stores, generating new customers or new accounts, nonprofit fundraising, CSR activities, public awareness campaigns, the promotion of brand awareness and brand loyalty, employee incentive programs, new product or service introduction, It serves large corporations, local schools, universities, financial institutions, hospitals, and not-for-profit organizations.
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Savvy Pen Stand - Designed to Create Attention

Chic, Modern and Savvy this New Edition from the house of EQUALS uses the combination of Matt & Glossy finishes. 'Savvy' the Pen Stand, is so uniquely designed to create the visual appeal to draw attention. Made out of Stainless Steel ensures long life of the same.

The Pen Stand or Watch Stand is available as a Pen Stand Alone product or as a Combination with Pen and Watch.

Benefits =
This beautiful pen stand holds your writing ballpoint pen right in front of your desk making the product useful with a style statement, the watch tells you the right time & its acts as a paper weight too.

Customization Options =
Screen-printing / laser engraving of logo, message, content, artworks, company name, symbols, etc. can be incorporated on the stand, pens watch dial and the outer box packaging.
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Triple textured grip for long stress free writing

Equals Metal Pens

Metal pens light weight & the textured triple grip provides long stress free writing

Equally balanced cap & barrel gives the pen a complete new look. Fresh and exclusive Model as Ballpoint pen & Roller pen in 4 dazzling body finishes of Black Matt, Dull Chrome, Orange and Gunmetal. 

A true value-for-money. 

Equals pen is so uniquely designed to fit your pocket perfectly.

When the pen is closed it becomes so tiny that it can fit any stylish pocket. 
When the pen cap is removed & put at the back of the pen; it become the LARGE executive pen, so it is more comfortable to hold, gives you better writing grip, makes it a Premium Executive pen 

Your beautiful shirt stays prevented due the cap in place as otherwise like a twist / tic-tic pens. The air tight vacuum lock holds the cap perfectly and prevents the ink from drying (for water based refills)